Friday, December 11, 2015

   Hey, I am going to try to start posting more but it is hard. I have 3 other blogs, so I can't keep track of the one I post on and the ones I don't. So I have some questions ,like a trivia so I'm going to........  1-5

1.what was the first book of the series harry poter
2.How many blogs do i have
3.what are chick in egg or blanket
4.what was the fist president
5. do I like ice cream

SO..... that is all the questions, but i do want to say that allie is going to post something tommorow.  Okay well i guess goodnight


Sunday, November 8, 2015

Schedule and other things!

  Hello again!! I'm really bad at remembering to post on my blogs, so I'm going to try and start out just posting once a week on this one until I get the hang of it! Plus I have a really hard time thinking of things to post sometimes so I'm also going to work really hard on that! So, I'm a huge fan of the Maze Runner series by James Dashner! My best friends and I went and saw the last showing of the second movie, The Scorch Trials, in the movie theater this past Thursday and it was amazing!! I want to see it again so badly, but sadly I must wait until it comes out on DVD, which I'm really hoping I will get for Christmas this year!
  I've also finished two books this week - Schooled by Gordan Korman and Wellspring of Magic by Jan Fields! (Wellspring of Magic was a little over 100 pages so I finished it in one day...) I'm currently in the middle of three books right now, which is terrible but I'm not really in the mood to read the first two so I started a third one....XD I'm in the middle of The Blood of Olympus by Rick Riordan (favorite author and one of my favorite series!), Hunt for Jade Dragon by Richard Paul Evans (another favorite author and series!), and The Cypher by Julian Rosado-Machain (This is the one I'm actually currently reading! This one's an e-book so I have to either read it on my kindle or my phone.)
  So my friend Sierra and I had a word war last night, which is where you both write for a certain amount of time and then at the end of that time you tell each other how many words you wrote and what your last sentence was! Word wars are always really fun! I haven't worked on any of my stories (I have like four or five at the moment....) in a couple of weeks and doing a word war has finally gotten me back into a writing mood! So I've been going back and forth between reading, listening to YouTube on my phone, and writing all day today since the weather is totally disgusting outside! Okay, so I'm pretty sure that's all for now! I'll definitely post next weekend!! I'm thinking that if I post once a week I'll have things to talk about just by saying what I did the past week and what I plan to do the next week! Bye for now!!


Sunday, November 1, 2015

Hi!!!!! This a new blog for me and my cousin allie. we don't have any type of theme yet, but I have a few ideas for it. we decided today to make one togthere. we have alot of fun when I come over. Allie is a person who LOVES books, I like books too. just not as much as her,she probaly has 150 books. But enough about allie lets talk about me.

Hi! My name is lainey I'm 10 and I am in the 4rth grade.I have alot of favorite stuff that I like. if you want to know about what is some things that are my favorite,look at the right of our blog and you can see mine and allies favorite things.

That is probaly all I am going to write about today,bye blog



Hi!! My cousin Lainey and I have decided to start a blog together! Even though we're cousins, we're true sisters at heart! I'm 15 and Lainey is 10. :) We'll both be posting on here when we can. I'm homeschooled and Lainey goes to public school. Hopefully I'll post on here every day, but I have lots of schoolwork and I also have two other blogs that I post on :) (The Life of a Homeschooler and Confessions of a Teenage Bookworm) I'm a huge reader, I'm trying to write stories, and I also love dancing! I hope you enjoy our blog!!!